I'm having trouble using your website. What should I do?

  1. Delete your cookies
    In some cases, you may have to delete your cookies (which is a small innocent file which is store temporaily on your computer in order to let us know who you are, next time you are visiting our website). Please note that deleting your cookies, will remove any products that you might have put in the basket already.

You will be able to delete cookies in 'tools' or 'history' in your webbrowser. Please note you can also try opening our website in 'Incognito mode'. 

  1. Restart your browser
    When you have deleted your cookies, close your browser, reopen and then go to our site again.
  2. Contact us
    In case that you are still having trouble with our site, please dont hesitace to get in contact with our customer service staff. Please send us a message via our contact form and try to include as much information about the issue as possible:
    - screenshots of the errors you have got 
    - from which browser you have accesed our website (Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer) 
    - If mobile, which operating system your device has (e.g. iOS 13.5.1, Android 11) 
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