Can I exchange a product bought online?

Yes. Visit your local CHANGE store and bring the item you want to exchange as well as the receipt for your purchase. Our Personal Shoppers are ready to help you find another size or style. They can also help you if you want to return the item.

Please note, that it is not possible to exchange an item by sending it back to our warehouse! If you send an item back, you will get the amount for the item refunded within 14 days of us receiving the item. We therefore recommend that you visit one of our stores, where we will be able to help you immediately.

If you want to exchange products that were bought during an offer campaign (such as 3 for 2), you pay the difference in the store if the exchanged products are more expensive than the ones you have returned. If the exchanged products are cheaper than the returned ones, you will be paid the excess amount on a gift card or in cash. The price difference is based on the offer price stated on your receipt for the original purchase.

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