What happens after I place an order?

We do everything we can to process your order as quickly as possible. In general, we will prepare your order for shipment within 24h from the time we receive it. 

Day 0: You will receive an order confirmation soon after you have placed your order 

Day 0-1: Our warehouse will start processing your order 

Day 1-2: Once your order is packed, and it is ready to leave our warehouse, you will receive an email confirming that your order has now been shipped. You will also receive a track and trace link so you can follow your new items all the way to their final destination. We do not withdraw the amount on your bank account until your order has been packed and is ready to be shipped from our warehouse. 

Delivery time depends on which delivery method you have chosen. Please note, that the delivery time to store might differ based on the location of the store chosen.  



Post Canada Delivery   



Click & collect 

6-10 (depends on the store chosen) 

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