How do you recommend that I wash my lingerie?

Love & Care for your lingerie 

Lingerie is delicate stuff. Made with care from fine microfibers , soft lace and other delicate fabrics. Please wash these fine goods with the love & care with which we made them. 

Handwash is always recommended, but we understand that you want to put your undies in the washing machine. If you do, please put it on a delicate program and 30 degrees maximum. 

Don't use detergents with bleach: this can greatly affect the color of the product. Plus: more detergent does not make more clean: use the right amount. 

The best way to dry your clean intimates is hang or lay them down to dry: this is almost as quick as your dryer. Your bras wont get dented and your lace will stay nice. 

Always wash with like color and never mix light with heavy or strong colors. Never wash your lingerie with denim. Light colors will take on color very easily. 

How often ? 
You dont have to wash your bra everytime you have used it, actually you shouldnt wash it too often. 

We recommend that you wash it approximately after every 4th use. 

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